Culture: how to engage remote employees

Culture is how things get done in an organization. That’s why it’s critically important to get right. More entrepreneurs are realizing this and making great strides in building high-performance cultures. They’re […]

Leadership Development’s most underused tool

What is one of the most underutilized tools in leadership development? Teaching, writes Ana Maria Sencovici, formerly of The River Group: “For leaders who are deliberately practicing their leadership skills, teaching is […]

The $700,000 hire

I was recently reminded of how important a single personnel decision can be. I traveled to San Francisco to make a presentation on behalf of a non-profit organization I’ve worked […]

Why leadership isn’t better then management

I came across an article that makes a common but misguided argument. In “Shifting from Manager to Leader,” Sara Canaday encourages managers to move to a “higher level” and become leaders—implying that […]

Four traits of the most talented job candidates

Traits to look for when you need to find talent I wrote that hiring “oddballs” can give your company a competitive advantage. Non-conformists bring a diversity of talent, thought, and skills that […]