American CEO


Traditional peer groups have an open format for CEOs to bring issues and opportunities monthly to the group for insight. By contrast, American CEO courses are interactive training sessions with a set curriculum led by Joel and Sherif. These courses typically take place over three consecutive days. Though you will certainly meet great peers in an American CEO intensive, we highly recommend also joining a peer advisory group.
The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) was designed for people who run a business in which one person can make all the decisions, and who want it to stay that way. EOS was not designed to manage a high-growth organization as it scales above 30 employees. American CEO’s curriculum is based on our Chief Executive Operating System (C.E.O.S), which is intended for those who are building and scaling high-value legacy companies. EOS Implementers don’t have the experience of personally building companies from zero to nine-figure exits. The opportunity to learn directly from someone who has a track record of that type of CEO leadership is a unique feature of American CEO and C.E.O.S.
If you are a current CEO (or a future CEO) who wants a playbook on how to approach your job as leader of the organization, this course is for you. If you are open to learning and implementing ideas and concepts in your business to create systems for delivering predictable performance, this course is for you. We particularly welcome CEOs who are curious and committed to becoming exceptional stewards of their companies.
American CEO intensives cover the full-time, professional CEO role; this role usually becomes necessary around the time an organization passes the 100-employee mark. That makes these sessions a great fit for CEOs of companies with more than 100 employees or companies that expect to get there in 2–3 years. The system applies equally to CEOs leading hundreds of employees as to those leading thousands of employees.
The investment required for an American CEO course is currently on the low side of alternatives. Premier peer groups typically run between $15k to $50k per year. MBA programs are usually even more than that. Our training is priced at less than $20k. We also offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the first day of training, get a full refund.
No MBA program in this country specifically teaches how to perform the CEO job, and it’s rare to find instructors there who have been in the seat of chief executive themselves multiple times. MBAs have great content for management, leadership, and other specialties, but they don’t teach a systematic way of approaching the role of CEO. That’s what we do. With American CEO, you will spend less money and time and get more customized direction.