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Learn our proven system for delivering predictable performance in the CEO role.
What If You Had a Playbook for Success in the CEO Role?

We understand that there are high expectations on you as a CEO and a lack of resources that teach a proven system for mastering your role.

Most enter this job with lots of knowledge in certain aspects of business but no specific training for the most difficult role in the organization.

We know how to help you build your company, deliver predictable performance and sleep better at night.


Joel Trammell has spent more than 30 years serving as CEO of companies ranging from technology start-ups to public companies.

He has twice founded and led companies to nine-figure exits. As an author and educator, he has taught CEO Master Classes and Managerial Excellence Courses for many years. He is the founder of the Texas CEO Ranch and the owner of Texas CEO Magazine.

Joel is now on a mission to teach new and current CEOs what almost no one else is teaching: how to successfully perform the CEO job.


Sherif comes from an international background, having grown up on three continents. His work experience includes chemical engineering, corporate sales, commercial real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and business ownership.

More recently he has coached CEOs of midsize and enterprise companies—ranging from $1 million to $1 billion in revenue—to help them achieve personal and professional success. As he guides CEOs through high-pressure situations, Sherif focuses on a mindful approach that incorporates personal growth and enjoyment of the journey.

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We are committed to helping CEOs identify and learn what “distinct and specific work” is required of a CEO and how to put that knowledge into action.

Joel Trammell served as co-founder and CEO at NetQoS, a software company that optimized the performance of computer networks. Under his tenure, the company generated more than 10 times the return on invested capital. Trammell moved on to co-found another software company, CacheIQ, which delivered a 7X return to investors in 18 months. He also served as a board member and then CEO of the network services provider Black Box Corporation (NASDAQ:BBOX). And he is the co-founder and managing partner of Lone Rock Technology, a private equity firm.

As a leading CEO educator, Trammell has contributed to Entrepreneur, Forbes and, sharing his experienced-based insight on business leadership topics. He has served on the boards of public, private and non-profit organizations, and was named Chairman Emeritus of the Austin Technology Council.

Sherif Sakr’s background includes success in engineering, sales, investing, business ownership, and coaching CEOs in private and in groups. After observing the challenges most CEO face, which include trial by error, having blind spots in their experience and decision making, and often being in firefighter mode, he resolved to create a curriculum and a process to help structure the guidance to them. It was then that his path intersected with Joel who already had the content and wanted to expand its reach. This led to the birth of American CEO.

Our name, American CEO, was inspired by Peter Drucker’s article in the Wall Street Journal in December 2004 titled “The American CEO.” In it Drucker states that, “The CEO is an American invention — designed first by Alexander Hamilton in the Constitution in the earliest years of the Republic, and then transferred into the private sector in the form of Hamilton’s own Bank of New York and of the Second Bank of the United States in Philadelphia. There is no real counterpart to the CEO in the management and organization of any other country.”

He concludes this article by writing that businesses all over the world are adopting the CEO model and that “what makes the American CEO unique is that he or she has distinct and specific work.”

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