Product manager: a CEO’S best training ground

Product manager – It’s the one individual role that best prepares people to be a CEO. It’s a great training ground for chief executives and arguably the single most important individual […]

What does it take to be a good CEO?

Podcast Episode #251: Joel Trammell  Hosted by Ryan Tansom What makes an amazing CEO? Today’s guest is going to show us how to measure the impact a CEO is having on a company—even if […]

5 Responsibilities of a CEO: Deliver performance

I recently discussed how important building the culture is to maximizing performance. The CEO must also take an active role in driving that performance, which is the fifth and final key CEO […]

5 Responsibilities of a CEO : Build the culture

I’ve recently discussed how CEOs need to own the vision and provide the proper resources. Another key responsibility is to Build the Culture. The right culture is so important in maximizing business performance that […]