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Get CEO-Ready
Think you’re ready to be CEO?

Veteran tech CEO Joel Trammell has spent years training current chief executives on how to master the top spot in the organization. Now he’s adapted the course for professionals looking to attain their first CEO role in the next one to five years.

Don’t rely on trial and error after you’ve secured this high-stakes job. Prepare yourself with a proven, systematic playbook for delivering results as CEO. You’ll be certified in the core responsibilities of the chief executive—and understand how they differ radically from all other leadership roles in the organization.

About Joel

This certification is taught by Joel Trammell. Joel is founder of American CEO, through which he trains chief executives on a proven approach to the role. He has spent more than 30 years serving as CEO of companies ranging from technology start-ups to public companies. He has twice founded and led companies to nine-figure exits.

Joel is also the author of The CEO Tightrope, The Manager’s Playbook, and the forthcoming Chief Executive Operating System. He has previously contributed to Forbes, Entrepreneur,, and many other publications and is the owner of Texas CEO Magazine.

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